I'm all about living in harmony with Nature and our all-knowing voice, Intuition. And if you are the same, you are in the right place!

In liveonalivestore, you will find animal and Earth-friendly products to pamper your and your Family's everyday.

Why the prices are relatively high?

What distinguishes my eco store from many others, is I only add high-quality products that are made in Canada.

While the products are a little pricier, you know every dollar spent will pay itself in the long run since you will enjoy using the products for months and even years.

You also now that these products are made with every effort to avoid any harm to animals and mother Earth.

Finally, your money stays in Canada, meaning you are supporting Canadian small family businesses.

All in all, buying high-quality, Canadian-made eco products is similar to buying organic fruits and veggies versus conventionally-grown ones. The experience of biting into an organic apple is exceedingly more pleasant and satisfying and you don't feel like eating conventionally-grown apples anymore!

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~~~ Wishing you joy and satisfaction when using these beautiful products! ~~~